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How can Shop Owners use WHATSAPP features to attract and market to customers?

How can Shop Owners use WHATSAPP features to attract and market to customers?

Advantages of WhatsApp to attract more Customers

WhatsApp is one of the best apps available in the market and the most popular application for connecting people. Everyone with a smartphone will have WhatsApp installed in it. Today’s Shopkeepers / Shop owners need to understand the Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing- send the latest designs and promotional updates regularly to customers. That will not only increase your shop footfall & also let your customers know about your available collection.

App which is used by everyone is available free on play store or app store. There are no limitations on sending messages; you can message around the world where WhatsApp is legal.

Benefits of using Business WhatsApp for a Shopkeeper

Business WhatsApp is available for use keeping small businesses in mind. Which allows a shopkeeper to respond, sort & automated send messages very quickly.

  • WhatsApp has an option of Quick replies in settings from where one can save some predefined replies for customers.
  • It will show your business profile so that will build trust among your customers.
  • You will be using a different messaging app for your business.
  • User can mark a label to each and every contact to organize their preferences or as per your criteria.
  • You can promote your products and services directly through Catalog.
  • You can set up a greeting message for your customers to introduce them about your business. Who messages for the first time or after 14 days of inactivity.
  • By using Automated Messages a shopkeeper can set an away message so the customer will know when they will get a reply.

How to send WhatsApp without saving number – WhatsApp Marketing

Here is a link which can help a shopkeeper in increasing his incoming messages rate. With this link anyone can directly message on WhatsApp without saving number.

How to use Link –
Number 91 – Country Mobile code of Receiver
Number 1234567890 – Contact number of the Receiver

As mentioned above you need to place the Country mobile code of the receiver (91 in this case)

Then as mentioned above you need to place the mobile number of the receiver ( 1234567890 in this case)

Copy past the final link in your web Browser.

Press the enter button on your smartphone.

Then a WhatsApp window will open asking that you want to send a message to this number.

Click on ‘MESSAGE

You will automatically be redirected to the WhatsApp chat in your phone with the person you have entered off in that link.

How to Use Broadcast List

With a broadcast list, Shopkeepers can engage with their customers at once. This is a saved list by you to stop selecting customers every time for sending a same message to everyone. Whoever you will add in this list will get a message. This will help a garment or footwear shopkeeper in sending latest designs to all his customers. This will not only increase the engagement but also will increase the sales.

NOTE: Challenge in this case is that you need to tell your recipients to save your number. A person who does not save your number in his/ her mobile will never receive a broadcast message.

  • In WhatsApp go to -> More Options – > New Broadcast
  • Select the contacts which you want to add in this broadcast.
  • This will create a Broadcast List.

Now you can send any message to that broadcast list and that message will be received by everyone in that list who all has saved your number.

This will help a Shopkeeper to share all his available designs with prices to all his potential customers.

A garment or Footwear Shopkeeper can also purchase trending products from WHOLESALEBOX and get them shared on WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Marketing Tips.

View our blog for more info on – How can Shop owners ATTRACT & MARKET to more customers using DIGITAL MARKETING / SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING?

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How can Shop owners ATTRACT & MARKET to more customers using DIGITAL MARKETING / SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING?

How can Shop owners ATTRACT & MARKET to more customers using DIGITAL MARKETING / SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for various channels like SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Digital marketing is about implementing a customized mix of digital marketing channels to accomplish any of the following goals:

  • Growing your sales and profit
  • Build awareness and develop a relationship with your audience
  • Add Value: Implement inbound marketing strategies that will cause customers to seek you out
  • Promote your brand, product or service

 The ideal digital marketing mix will depend on each business since each industry and audience will respond differently to different marketing channels.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is just one component, one channel of digital marketing. It simply means marketing products and services via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube and other social networking sites.

And it typically involves engagement with followers, seeking out influencers, holding contests, posting content, live-streaming, and anything else you can do to grab people’s attention with a post or an update.

Key strategies to implement to attract more customers via digital / social marketing:


Create a Facebook page – Post and share to relevant groups necessary content and updates

Google My Business

Create and list your shop account on Google My Business and sync your Google account with the same. If the shop owner aims to upload all product merchandise on Google, then he can broadcast his shop products to prospects/ customers and sync the product updates automatically with Google to increase customer reach using WholesaleBox offering- Fashcart free website. (Reach out to us to know more at +91 9116138955)

List products you are selling on free platforms like Just Dial, OLX and so on

Use as many phone numbers as possible to create multiple accounts and keep your products listed live on various platforms


Use WhatsApp to broadcast latest designs and send promotion updates to your customers / store visitors. Also utilize WhatsApp link-*** to quickly reach out to your contacts

Follow this blog link to understand how to create link and use WhatsApp to attract and engage with more customers

Pay attention to Methods of Well-Executed Social Media Marketing:

social media marketing
The social success cycle has 4 stages, beginning with listening (Source: Digital Marketer)
  • Listening
  • Influencing
  • Networking
  • Selling

WholesaleBox is India’s most trusted Wholesale E- Commerce & Credit Fintech organization, allowing retail businesses and shopkeepers to bulk buy from factories– fast selling and quality- checked products across categories like clothing, footwear, branded stock lots, home furnishing, accessories and more.

Our Mission is to help the retailers / shop owners grow their business amid multiple problems faced in an unorganized wholesale sector exacerbated by a boom in B2C online shopping. WholesaleBox is enabling the shop- owners to source fast- selling, quality- checked and latest designs from factories in just 6- 10 days and further sell quickly to their customers without lagging behind the ongoing trend.

For More Information visit our website and call us at +91 8696491521

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What are the key factors to consider while STARTING A NEW GARMENT SHOP?


Are you planning to start a new garment shop?

Fashion/ garment shop is definitely a profitable and glamorous business if it is planned well. Do you want to start a new shop? Every year we see opening of new garments shop, but do all of them succeed? Unfortunately no, the reason for their failure is lack of proper planning. Through this article we will help new retailers to make better decisions to start a new shop by analyzing important factors crucial for success of a garment shop.

Understanding your target customer profile

You must first analyze profile of people residing near the planned shop location based on – gender, age, occupation, income, religion, etc.

Identify relevant product segments

Based on customer profile analysis, you should be able to shortlist categories that are more likely to succeed in the proposed locality. For example, if the proposed new shop is near a girl’s college – a shop selling casual girl’s garments in economic range is likely to succeed more compared to menswear, women’s heavy ethnic wear or kids wear shop. So your identifiers are – 1. Girl’s garments; 2. Casual wear; and 3. Economic range.  

Budget Planning

It is very important to plan for each component of working capital/ capital expenditure before finalizing store/property within the proposed locality.

Important elements of working capital are garment stock, store rent/EMI, staff costs, marketing expense, electricity bills and interest cost for borrowed capital. Store must maintain 3-4x monthly sales as inventory at any point of time. Business must be adequately financed to ensure it runs for at least 1 year without financial stress.

Capital expenditure will be on setting-up interiors of store. While the store must have tasteful interiors to attract customers but you should not over spend as it will increase breakeven period and delay store renovation requirement.

Selecting store

Based on budget, location and size of store must be selected. We believe that stores upto 500 sq. ft. should cater to a single category as it will help you to have enough variety to attract customers and convert more store walk-ins into sales. It will also help to create store identity in costumers mind and help repeat purchase.  If you have bit of everything without variety depth in each category, store walk-ins to sale will be very low.      

Location preference should be in a retail market/ mall with high footfall with fashion retail space. It will give you instant walk-ins without spending too much on marketing. It will also help you to keep up-to-date with new trends and competition.


It is ideal to identity market gap so as to avoid competition and create unique identity. However, if attractive market gap doesn’t exist then you should try to select under-served segment.

WholesaleBox is India’s most trusted Wholesale E- Commerce & Credit Fintech organization, allowing retail businesses and shopkeepers to bulk buy from factories– fast selling and quality- checked products across categories like clothing, footwear, branded stock lots, home furnishing, accessories and more.

Our Mission is to help the retailers / shop owners grow their business amid multiple problems faced in an unorganized wholesale sector exacerbated by a boom in B2C online shopping. WholesaleBox is enabling the shop- owners to source fast- selling, quality- checked and latest designs from factories in just 6- 10 days and further sell quickly to their customers without lagging behind the ongoing trend.

For more information or to start a new shop visit website or call at +91 8696491521

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Why TRANSIT INSURANCE is Important for Shop owners?

Why Transit INSURANCE is Important for Shop Owners?

As we all know, whether it’s life or business everything is covered by Insurance, just to save guard our life and business.

The insurance company mitigates our losses.

Every business must have a Transit Insurance, fire and theft insurance just to cover the uncertainties of nature and accidents.

As the whole country is under lockdown due to attack of COVID-19, resulting in heightened chances of theft – just to save guard our interest and minimizing losses just by paying a little premium to the insurance company which will take care of our goods and shops if any miscreant attacks our office or shop.

The transit insurance is much cheaper as compared to losses which we would make without any insurance.

For e.g. Cover of around Rs.50 Lacs we just need to pay the premium of Rs.2950/- which is cheaper than the loss we would make without insurance.

So it is advisable to buy insurance to save ourselves from unavoidable and unforeseen situations.


The transit insurance policy is an Open Marine Policy which is customized as per the needs and demand of the industry:

We need to mention the article type which we are dealing with, what would be the packing of the product and what would be the mode of dispatch such as by Air, Rail, Road, Sea, Cargo or Courier services, what would be the single carry per invoice limit, is the return of the shipment is also included or not.

All the points mentioned below have to be taken care of before finalizing the transit insurance:

1. the most important point to be noted while taking the policy is which articles/ products we are dealing with.

2. Delivery from which location ‘x’ to which location ’y’, for e.g. from anywhere in India to anywhere in India.

3. Return Delivery from Warehouse ‘a’ to Warehouse ‘b’

4. What would be the mode of transport – sea, air, rail, road, courier or cargo services?

5. What would be the type of packaging?

6. What would be the single carry limit of each invoice?

7. What is the Excess Limit, which varies from one insurance company to another? Excess Clause is the limit which insurance company deducts while making the claim settlement. – For e.g. Invoice Value is Rs. 8000 & Excess Clause value is Rs. 2000 so the net settlement will be Rs.6000/-

For more information visit website or call at +91 8696491521

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Which is better to choose from: COURIER SERVICE or LOCAL TRANSPORT?


COURIER SERVICE or LOCAL TRANSPORT- In today’s time, everyone is looking towards ways through which they can increase operational efficiency. Choosing the right courier for delivering products is a very important part of operations. In many cases, people generally think that choosing a local transporter saves a lot of costs which is a myth. Let’s understand this from this ideal scenario.

Mr. Ram who runs a wholesale business in Pune visits Surat twice a month to purchase goods for his business, which in turn leads to incurring a lot of costs and time-traveling cost, staying cost and other necessary costs. He might be purchasing goods from his reliable vendor for a long time and transporting goods from Surat to Pune via unorganized cargo services considering that it is cheaper and a faster way of transporting but ends up paying more – such as pick up and drop off cost to transporter office (Rs 200- 250), transportation cost (Rs 200 per box) and once goods reach Pune, delivery cost (Rs 100- 150). If we sum up the costs, it costs somewhere around Rs 600.

Now if he sends it through Courier he would not have to visit Surat as he is getting goods from his reliable seller; also keeping view of all the costs above, it might cost him the same sending through courier as well.

One thing which I would really like to mention is the safety and security which comes along with courier services achieved through the transfer of risks and liabilities to the courier company through the insurance clause, which he would not get from the transporters.

Below is the live example where a client loses stock of 20 lacs in transit:

 Using Shri Sh*** (a Transporter) for many years but last month the client lost shipment of worth 22 lacs which they had sent to Bangalore. As the transporter didn’t have any insurance policy he wasn’t able to pay anything to the client incurring a huge loss.

Courier services are, therefore, important to businesses. Hiring professionals goes a long way in saving your time, money and the hustle of managing your deliveries. Hope the answer is clear to which is better COURIER SERVICE or LOCAL TRANSPORT.

WholesaleBox is India’s most trusted Wholesale E- Commerce & Credit Fintech organization, allowing retail businesses and shopkeepers to bulk buy from factories– fast selling and quality- checked products across categories like clothing, footwear, branded stock lots, home furnishing, accessories and more.

Our Mission is to help the retailers / shop owners grow their business amid multiple problems faced in an unorganized wholesale sector exacerbated by a boom in B2C online shopping. WholesaleBox is enabling the shop- owners to source fast- selling, quality- checked and latest designs from factories in just 6- 10 days and further sell quickly to their customers without lagging behind the ongoing trend.

For More Information visit our website and call us at +91 8696491521

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How to Buy STOCK LOTS / Branded Discounted APPARELS & FOOTWEAR in Bulk (For Shop Owners)

How to Buy Branded Stock Lots
How to Buy Branded Stock Lots

What are Stock Lots?

Branded Stock lots are excess / surplus lots of products offered by brands, liquidation stock wholesalers, traders and distributors. These products are usually old season’s stock liquidated in bulk quantities to 1 or 2 people.

For Example- A footwear shop owner sees an opportunity to buy in bulk branded shoes – 200 assorted pieces of Nike or Adidas or Puma. Suppliers offer these shoes to the footwear shop owner as a stock lot, at a discounted wholesale price to further sell it to its customers.

If the articles are from old season’s stock then the shop owner can buy the stock lot @ around 65- 75% of MRP discounted price – depending on brands, source, material quality and type of product- mix in the stock lot. If the stock is just 1 season or 5-6 months old then brands would bulk sell it at around 60% off on MRP. Taxes would be extra (GST @ 18% is charged if the article price is above Rs 1000).

It’s advisable that the shop owner understands the stock lot product- mix in terms of fast selling sizes and designs and then chooses to buy in bulk as per demand at his/ her shop.

You can buy Branded Stock Lots in India here.

Types of Stock Lots:

Assorted stock vs. Set wise stock

In assorted stock lots articles/ products are found to have different designs, type of products and sizes. Whereas, in set wise stock lots, same articles with same design are found but in varying sizes with varying quantity ratios across sizes (like 1:1:2:2:1:1 for shoes sizes 6:7:8:9:10:11). If the stock lot is set wise chances are high that they are not original as the running sizes and designs would have gotten sold earlier; only exception to this being a case where designs across all sizes are very old and hard to sell.

Fresh inventory stock vs. E- commerce liquidation stock

Fresh inventory stock lot is sold by brands and their authorised distributors which comprise of new and running season articles whereas, E- commerce liquidation stock is sold by e-commerce owned sellers like Cloudtail (Amazon) and W S Retail (Flipkart) which comprise of old season (2-3 seasons) articles.

Unsold stock vs. Return stock

Brand or E- commerce liquidation stock lot can be categorized further in two types – Unsold stock / dead stock comprise of those articles which the brand/ manufacturer or the e- commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart are unable to sell. Unsold stock is usually more than 2 years old. Return stock comprise of those articles which are ordered by customers but returned due to failure in payment (like COD), logistical issues or returned by customers. Some of the articles in Return stock can be found to be dirty/ damaged. Vendor sells the return stock at higher rates if he removes the dirty/ damaged pieces. Return stock comprise of articles which are ordered- running sizes and designs.

Genuine stock vs. Fake or First Copy stock

Genuine stock lot comprise of original articles with brand bills whereas, Fake stock lot comprise of copied (first copy), damaged and rejected stock produced and sold illegally.

Key Points to remember while buying stock lots:

If you don’t find the brand bill then the products are not original.

A brand or e- commerce liquidation stock lot comprises of original products only if they are old season’s stock (2-3 seasons old) and Assorted

If you find latest products in liquidation stock which are new and running in brand showrooms then those products are fake/ duplicate. Remember it’s almost impossible to find original liquidation stock lot to be set wise.

Factories or unorganized players cannot sell branded products (excess / surplus stock) with brand labels –

It’s illegal to sell and buy stock lots/ products from such unauthorized bodies selling products with brand tags. Export surplus can be legally sold only when their brand labels are removed.

Original branded products/ stock lots can be sold only from those brands or their authorized distributors

Factories selling excess or brand rejected stock with brand labels is illegal and there is a high chance that the products are not brand originals.

Many unorganized wholesale players in marketplace sell fake products in the name of original bills –

For example, A wholesaler bought 10,000 pieces of a brand ‘x’ original products once. But later on he started bulk selling fake or duplicate products by showing the original bill of earlier bought 10,000 pieces; but not the actual bill of the duplicate articles sold.

Make sure you buy stock lots from authorized sources only like the brands or their authorized distributors-

to avoid legal punishment and unethical and misled buying/ selling of products. Buy only from GST registered and reliable companies with proper authorization.

E commerce liquidation Return stock lot comprise of genuine products only when it’s sourced from e- commerce authorized/ owned sellers-

Like Cloudtail (Amazon) or WS Retail (Flipkart) and so on; or through channels who are buying from Cloudtail or WS Retail. Return stock lot in such cases come packed in e- commerce brand labelled boxes with return slips. And Return stock lot do not come set wise.

E commerce liquidation Unsold stock lot will be from 2016- 17- 18 (if bought in 2020). And original products can be sourced only from Cloudtail (Amazon owned seller) or WS Retail (Flipkart owned seller).

Remember there are many unauthorized sellers online and offline claiming to sell original products which is illegal and buying from them brings in a lot of problems pertaining to legal action and penalty.

It’s advisable not to buy in very large quantities of stock lots with mixed variety of articles which can lead to dead stock piling up in your showroom.

Try to buy in small quantities of stock lots which are fast selling in your shop.

Make sure to distinguish between what is original and what is fake or duplicate.

Follow this blog for more info: How can Retailers check that the shoes they want to buy are ORIGINAL or COPY

For more information, you can reach out to us directly at 9116134795

You can buy Branded Stock Lots in India here.

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How to HIRE SALES STAFF for your SHOP?

Hire Sales staff for your shop
How to HIRE SALES STAFF for your SHOP?

Here we are sharing few tips and ideas directly coming from our experience and feedback from our WholesaleBox ordering shopkeepers on what works for the various fashion shops to hire sales staff for shops.

1) ONLINE REACH- how to reach out to the candidates and start hiring – Well for this we have few job website or apps (online tools) like OLX, Quikr, WorkIndia, Indeed, etc which are very easy to use, where you can easily post your Job openings.

2) SOCIAL NETWORK REACH – Also post your JOB vacancy on Facebook or Whatsapp, where you already have connections and friends who can share the information within their groups or with relevant people.


3) OLD STYLE REACH (STILL WORKS WELL) – you can put attractive posters in your locality, prime location or main market from where you can attract the best talent.

4) REFERRALS – Ask existing employees to get more sales people – pay them Rs 500- 2000 depending on your business; and pay them this amount if new employee and the old employee both are working till 3 months of joining of the new person.


Please do not forget to mention your contact number and address (location of job) in the ad. Your contact number is a must because that’s how they can reach out to you or call you.

If it is a social media message that you are posting, you can also create a link, where they will be directly connected to you on Whatsapp without saving your number. E.g.: if your phone number is 97845XXXXX, put the message like “LOOKING FOR SMART SALES GIRLS TO SELL SAREES, PRIOR EXPERIENCE IMPORTANT, Shop Location: Laxmi Road, Pune.

Attractive salary up to 15000 Rs + incentives of 2 to 10 thousand. Please call 97845XXXXX (put your actual number) or click here to whatsapp”

In this ad clicking is very easy and so ppl can whatsapp you and cal you easily.

Very IMPORTANT Always mention the highest salary you will offer to the candidates, this will increase the number of walk-ins and you can attract more and more candidates.

E.g.: Salary up to 15000/- instead of putting like salary more than Rs 10,000. Once you have selected the candidate then you can explain and negotiate on his final pay depending on whether he deserves Rs 10,000 or 12,000 or 15,000 or even more.

You can also go with part- timers (part-time working hours), here you can target the college going students who can work in 2nd half during the peak hours when maximum customers visit your shop. The benefit is that you have to pay them less and do not have to pay them for morning hours when customers are less, and only tea parties are happening at 11am and 2pm, so you even save on your tea bill 🙂

Sometimes you also get young people with good communication and selling skills- who are doing this to support their studies.

We will post more articles on once you have hired, how to retain and motivate and what could be good incentive policies. Please comment and like us for more such interesting articles.

WholesaleBox is India’s most trusted Wholesale E- Commerce & Credit Fintech organization, allowing retail businesses and shopkeepers to bulk buy from factories– fast selling and quality- checked products across categories like clothing, footwear, branded stock lots, home furnishing, accessories and more.

Our Mission is to help the retailers / shop owners grow their business amid multiple problems faced in an unorganized wholesale sector exacerbated by a boom in B2C online shopping. WholesaleBox is enabling the shop- owners to source fast- selling, quality- checked and latest designs from factories in just 6- 10 days and further sell quickly to their customers without lagging behind the ongoing trend.

For More Information visit our website and call us at +91 8696491521

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ORIGINAL or COPY Shoes- How can SHOP-OWNERS check while buying

How to check Original Footwear or Copy
How to check Original Footwear or Copy

How to Check ORIGINAL or COPY Footwear ?

Hello Shop owners/ Readers, let’s discuss how to find out that the Footwear purchased in bulk for our shop is a original or copy (first copy, second copy, etc all are COPY and illegal).

There are so many big players in the market who sell branded Footwear. Some sell with brand bill and some without because of the reason, purchased from an authenticated platform then only they can provide the brand bill. So, always buy from the Brand bill providers. Anyone claiming that articles are originals but cant give brand bill -remember, its an alarm. Something is wrong if you don’t get brand bill. Even with brand bills, frauds may happen (explained in this article towards the end)

Also there are different types of footwear stock lots include Assorted stocks and Set wise stocks:

1. Assorted means all the articles will be in different designs and different sizes. Whereas set wise means there will be all sizes available in every design, sometimes even in a ratio like 1:2:2:1 for size 7 8 9 10.

2. Set wise have high chances that they can be first copies because, if someone is creating copies then they will always manufacture repeated articles. Genuine stocks cant be set wise easily. Originals will usually come in assortments. No brand will liquidate latest designs, setwise, in the market at low rates. If someone is giving you NIKE ADIDAS 2019 or 2020 articles set wise, beware!

Other factors on which we can decide that the product is genuine or not those are:

1. If the boxes of the shoes are proper and not even scratched with new dates, like 2019 or 2020. There are chances that they can be duplicate products. The brand always sells there unsold stock or old stock which can never look that much fresh. So check them twice and get the assurance of originality. These articles will be liquidated by brands if those are slow-moving or non-moving . So at least 2017-18 or older articles that they will liquidate.

2. Always check for the ‘Article No’ which is given inside the tag of the shoe. That will always need to be unique and try searching it on google search. Found out the original product after searching, then the article may be genuine (still not sure 100%). If not then there is a problem with originality of the product. Check that different shoes have different tags inside and with the unique article number. If different articles have same code, then they are duplicates for sure.

3. Brand Bill – It is mandatory for shopkeepers to have brand bill & sell only original brand footwear, no first copy, no local copy. Selling copies can land up up in Jail. Always ensure to take the BRAND bill and check all the articles are genuine or not. (You will find a Case study in the end of the Article on Brand Bill). GST bill with brand name not mentioned is useless. GST bill means tax going to govt, but the brand not mentioned can still land you in jail.

4. Also, check the condition of the shoe that will also define that the product is generic or not. For e.g., the brand name is different and logo is different, wrong brand spelling or brand logo, pasting of the product is visible outside, the quality check was not properly done. That also will let you know that the product is a duplicate or an original.

If you own a shop then there are two factors on which your sales is governed – those are increasing footfalls and supplying genuine products regularly  to satisfy the demands of the customers. So, if you only mistakenly get the duplicate products from supplier and start selling those to your customer then it will start decreasing you trust and footfall. They won’t be buying from you anymore.

For an example, check some pictures on this page and details Footwear Branded Stock lot Page Link. Here you can see that any set of 50 or 100 pcs, are all different and even the sizes are assorted. This along with things like brand bills, old season stock disclaimer tells us that stocks can be originals.


CASE STUDY on HOW YOU GET FOOLED by getting  BRAND BILLS TOO – India has all jugads 🙂

In this case there is a Wholesaler who sells branded goods like Footwear, T-shirts, Denims, etc. He buys directly from brand, Lets suppose he buys 1000 quantity of Footwear now he is authorized to bill those 1000 pairs of footwear to shopkeepers. A shopkeeper(NAME: SHYAM) comes to wholesaler to buy 150 Pairs of footwear and shyam says I want the brand bill so, wholesaler agrees and gives him bill for 100 pairs. Do never get fooled by taking lesser Quantity bill because the remaining footwear he is giving to you are duplicates that is why the wholesaler is not giving actual bill so you can not claim the purchase afterwards. ALWAYS TAKE THE ACTUAL QUANTITY & ACTUAL PRICE BRAND BILL.

In another scenario, this wholesaler sold his original 1000 pairs along with a mixing with another 1000 pairs of copies. Now since only 10 shops asked for bill, he could give 10 shops X 100 pcs bills while in these bills itself he has sold copies also to make more money.

For some wholesalers who are old in the business, they may have a brand bill of 1000 articles he traded last year and might still be selling copies by using reference of that old bill. So he would have sold 20000 pcs giving a brand bill, still using the reference of original bill. In case of any police raids on any of his shopkeeper clients, he would be planning to show that bill.But along with police in such brand raids for duplicates, brand executives also join and identify copies and then you are behind the bars as a wholesaler sold you copies on a fake brand bill. BEWARE, BUY ONLY FROM RELIABLE SOURCES AND WITH PROPER BRAND BILLS

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How to Choose Wholesale Kurti Catalogs For Your Shop?

When it comes to getting the best out of Indian fashion and exploring style for women, they need to wear trendy clothes that fit with running fashion. Among all Indian Females, Kurtis is considered to be most popular clothing. Women and girls have a large number of options to choose what to wear to look beautiful and for that shopkeepers must provide them wholesale kurti catalogs. Kurtis are definitely chosen by mostly girls who love to flaunt their styles. From casual to formal to dressy, this kurtis fit any occasion!
Among all Women fashion wear, Kurtis catalog is most preferred by women and girls because it infuses a little more desi style to the everyday look. Also, Ethnic kurtis find themselves to be a big part of many women’s work wardrobes. Kurti is an exception in the frequently changing fashion mania. It has persisted in being enduring in terms of trend and has not changed much like other attires. Kurtis catalogs are something which comes with our fashion. Kurtis has spread its beauty and charm around the world and gained popularity among all Indian women at a very rapid pace. The outfit can be worn during any type of climate. The Good thing about kurti is it can be paired with many styles of bottoms for a variety of looks. If one looking for an Indo-Western look and style, nothing works better than pairing short Kurtis with formal pants.

Rs. 1,356 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; 1 each of size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Rs. 978 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; 1 each of Sizes; L,XL,XXL
Rs. 822 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; 1 each of Sizes; M, L, XL

Anarkali Kurtis

Rs. 855 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; 1 each of size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Rs. 483 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Sizes; M,L,XL,XXL
Rs. 1,547 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Sizes; M,L,XL,XXL
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What are the important fabrics of Himachal Pradesh & how to buy?

Fabrics are an essential part of the cloth. There comes a variety of fabrics in this world. To choose a correct type of fabric for the clothing is the most difficult job and for the retailer, it should be a great task to have a customized fabrics available. The customer may demand any type of fabric, so the retailer should keep all types of fabric with him. In a country like India, there are many places to buy the wholesale fabrics. Every state has its different fabric. Here we will discuss one the most beautiful state of India, “Himachal Pradesh”. Himachal Pradesh is referred to as dev bhoomi and also it is known as the “Land of God”. The state was found on 25 January 1971. The word Himachal basically means abode of snow. Shimla is known as the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This state of India, Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by immense beauty. It is undoubtedly the one of the best tourist destination not only in India but in the world. A majority of the area in Himachal Pradesh is the mountainous area with lofty ranges, deep valleys, swaying waterfalls and a very beautiful greenery.

Being a state situated high in altitude, snowfall is a very common sight in most parts of the state. There are 12 districts in this state. Due to a very high production of apples, Himachal Pradesh is also known as the ‘State of Apples’. Summers days here i.e. April-June is a comfortable climate whereas winters are extremely chilly due to heavy snowfalls. Rainy season enhances the beauty of this place very much and it continues from July to September. Major rivers of the Himachal are known as to be the Chandra Bhaga, the Beas, the Chenab, the Sutlej and the Ravi.

Himachal Pradesh is one state that has converted itself from being the most backward state of India to one of the most advanced states in the country. Such a positive growth is being able to see in this country. Furthermore, Himachal Pradesh has become an economically fourth most valuable state of India. Tourism is a very major contributor to Himachal Pradesh economy and growth. It is also known for its best adventure tourism activities like ice skating in Shimla area, paragliding Solang valley, rafting in Kullu, skiing in Manali, Rohtang boating in Bilaspur and trekking, horse riding and fishing in different parts in the state.

How shopkeepers can buy these fabrics online:


A variety of fabric is also famous in this state. Chamba rumal, thapada etc are some type of wholesale fabrics that is being famous in Himachal Pradesh. It is not necessary to buy these fabrics from there only. There are many online wholesalers also who provide everything online. For example, there is an online company called “WholesaleBox”, it provides all kind of clothing, fabrics, accessories at the lowest factory price. The retailers can also buy these fabrics from there.

The very first Paragliding World Cup was hosted in India by Himachal Pradesh from 24 October to 31 October in 2015. Coming to the population of Himachal Pradesh, it has a total population of about 6,864,602 which includes 3,481,873 males and 3,382,729 females. This result is as per the final results of the Census of India 2011. This data is only 0.57 percent of India’s total population, recording a growth of 12.81 percent in India.(Data Link)

The primary source of income in this state is agriculture. Agriculture contributes 50% of the total income of Himachal Pradesh. Rice, wheat, barley, and maize are the very few types of crops that are being mainly grown in the entire state. Himachal is blessed for the fertility of the land, which is amazingly suitable for the cultivation of fruits. And also, the abundant availability of electricity has also encouraged the start of several small-scale industries in this state. Himachal Pradesh has an abundant amount of Tibetans having their home, and this is the reason that Buddhism is the next religion that is followed strongly by Hinduism. Muslims are as the very minority community in Himachal. The state also holds for 25.9 percent of the country’s total hydropower potential. As of the date March 2016, all the villages of this state have been electrified.
Due to this, a large number of craftsmen who are available and they make amazing handicrafts. This is the reason why there are many fabrics famous in Himachal Pradesh.

This state is one of the fastest-growing state in the pharmaceutical industry across India, driven by incentives and policies announced by the State Government in its Industrial Policy, 2004. China is the neighboring country of Himachal from east. The languages spoken in this state are basically Hindi (Official Language), Punjabi, Mahasui, etc. Snow Leopard, Jujurana, Deodar, Pink Rhododendron are the State animal, State bird, State tree, State flower respectively. Himachal is also known as the land of dances. Himachal has the dance forms that are varied and some are quite complicated in many aspects. Folk music is the greatest cheer to the people who are living in remote areas. Himachal is the most beautiful hill in India. Himachal Pradesh is mainly dominated by three main mountain ranges which are namely the Dhauladhar Range, Pir Pinjal Range and the Great Himalayan Range.

Now let’s talk about all the famous fabrics which are being available in Himachal Pradesh. The varieties of fabrics available in Himachal Pradesh are:-

1. Chamba Rumal :

The Chamba Rumal is also known as Chamba handkerchief is an embroidered handicraft of Punjab. Chamba rumal is that the subjects were drawn in outline by the women/girls on the court. Chamba embroidery were basically based on environment, beautiful nature, old mythology, vibes of everyday use and happenings of everyday life, cheerfulness, animals, birds, and trees etc. And geometrical designs are also very popular in Chamba rumal. The embroidery of this was done in soft shades in small double darning stitches which appear the same on both sides and looks amazing. Outlines and details of this were worked in double running stitches and sometimes even small patterns on costumes and other details of this were shown in colored darning stitch.

Retailers and shopkeepers can store these type of fabric as they are in very much demand. They can buy these fabrics from the online stores which are being available in India. If it is not possible for them to come and visit Himachal. From these fabrics, many types of clothing can be made.

The embroiderer who made this, used to creates Chaupar, it is a game of dice which is played on two long bands of cloth joined together to form a cross in cloth, on the rumal with four sets of players seated on the four sides. Chamba rumal Embroidery also showed elements of nature comprising like fruits banana, lotus flower, peacock, parrots, shrubs, monkeys, deer, fish, clouds, cranes etc. The figures and floral patterns of this were drawn on the Chamba rumals are filled with pat, which is a type of untwisted silken floss. Chamba Rumals are usually made of square or rectangular fabric of cloth of varying sizes and designs. Chamba embroidery is done on beautiful shawls and quilts, hence, it is recommended for Chamba rumal to dry clean the Chamba rumal and its products and keep it away from harsh and harmful sunlight which might damage its silken threads.

2. Thapada :

Thapada is the most popular embroidery and best garment available in Himachal Pradesh. Thapada usually represents the shawl with the best features of wider patterns and decoration on this. It is woven by hand or machines which are being found exclusively in Himachal Pradesh, state of India. And so this renders a natural quality which is inimitable. thapada has a special trend of embroidery which makes it look beautiful and also varies between wide ethnic ranges. This thing usually imparts a very traditional and regional essence to it.

Thappada is also found to have an extensive usage as designer drapery garments for special occasion gatherings. And also make them gain acknowledgment. This thing results in a much-acknowledged development in every sense of the steadiness and progress of the thapada weaving communities. Being a garment with the complete versatility to be worn with numerous combinations of basic attire, it can be decoratively worn for numerous social occasions and gatherings. Being very skilled handicraft makers, the Thapada makers are wonderful creators and designers. Being handmade, true appreciators always choose the Thapadas over modern gadgets or machine made sophisticated garments. The Thapada is a specialty of the various Himachal Pradesh craftsmen and handicrafts and is found to be appreciated and adored and loved all across India. These also retain smoothness and fineness in their texture. Himachal Pradesh with all its scenic beauty and traditions remains a national and international touring location all throughout the year.

The beauty and pretty look of this amazing Thapada attracts great purchase demand of people since it is an exceptionally handcrafted item of clothing, only to the beautiful lands of Himachal Pradesh. If we talk about the comfortability and wearing feel of thapada, the texture of the material of which the Thapada is made makes it a very warmth retaining garment and gives a pleasant feel. Each particular design of Thapadas is being treated by the customers as specific brands of skilled handicraft by themselves which look beautiful. The Thapadas that are designed for females can be combined up with various costumes of Himachal Pradesh and giving it an alluring look. Thapadas can also be decoratively combined up with any other Indian and western outfits as desirable. thapada embroidery does not require any special skill to wear. Thapada is an easy to wear a garment which comes in different sizes, attractive colors, best designs and colors to meet varied needs of a person. hence, the people who love to experiment with their garments can try this amazing traditional garment this winter season. The popularity of this thapada traditional garment has come to acknowledgment in both national and international markets.

We have seen that how thapada is such a good fabric. Anyone can buy these fabrics from the local markets of Himachal Pradesh.if for some retailers it is not possible to come and visit this state, they can buy these items from online stores like WholesaleBox which provide these fabrics at a very low rate.

3. Kinnauri shawls :

Kinnauri Shawl is a type of that beautiful shawl, which is being manufactured in Kinnaur district of the Indian state that is Himachal Pradesh. These shawls are well known for their geometric designs and pattern. If we take on average, it takes roundabout 45 days to complete a single piece of a kinnauri shawl. Kinnauri shawls have basically three kinds of Kinnauri patterns which are being woven in stripes and then they have intricate patterns which are being adorned with rich and bright colors running through their borders.

These Kinnauri shawls have also elaborate geometric patterns at the both of their ends. These masterpieces of a shawl with beautiful Kinnauri pattern are being woven all over the shawl which is very feast to the eyes of a person. It takes almost six to eight months in a year to complete one such work of art i.e. kinnauri. Price of these kinnauri shawls ranges from Rs.40000 to Rs.50000 approximately. Kinnauri Shawls legal registration would prevent the unauthorized production of these shawls and it will also prevent the misuse of its brand name. Violation of the act would invite a maximum of three years’ imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rs 2 lakh, he added. These are very beautiful shawls. As there’s very chilly winter in Himachal, these shawls play a very good role in preventing the cold. The designs of these shawls are very attractive and beautiful.

Hence, we have discussed the varieties of wholesale fabrics which are available in Himachal Pradesh. These fabrics are really beautiful and each one of them has its personal identity. The retailers and shopkeepers who want to have these fabrics at their stores they can keep them, as this fabric would result in a very profitable manner to them. The customers are demanding these fabrics very much. The clothing made from these fabrics are really beautiful and the very person loves it in every manner. So, the retailers can buy these fabrics from many of the online wholesalers available.