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How to HIRE SALES STAFF for your SHOP?

Hire Sales staff for your shop
How to HIRE SALES STAFF for your SHOP?

Here we are sharing few tips and ideas directly coming from our experience and feedback from our WholesaleBox ordering shopkeepers on what works for the various fashion shops to hire sales staff for shops.

1) ONLINE REACH- how to reach out to the candidates and start hiring – Well for this we have few job website or apps (online tools) like OLX, Quikr, WorkIndia, Indeed, etc which are very easy to use, where you can easily post your Job openings.

2) SOCIAL NETWORK REACH – Also post your JOB vacancy on Facebook or Whatsapp, where you already have connections and friends who can share the information within their groups or with relevant people.


3) OLD STYLE REACH (STILL WORKS WELL) – you can put attractive posters in your locality, prime location or main market from where you can attract the best talent.

4) REFERRALS – Ask existing employees to get more sales people – pay them Rs 500- 2000 depending on your business; and pay them this amount if new employee and the old employee both are working till 3 months of joining of the new person.


Please do not forget to mention your contact number and address (location of job) in the ad. Your contact number is a must because that’s how they can reach out to you or call you.

If it is a social media message that you are posting, you can also create a link, where they will be directly connected to you on Whatsapp without saving your number. E.g.: if your phone number is 97845XXXXX, put the message like “LOOKING FOR SMART SALES GIRLS TO SELL SAREES, PRIOR EXPERIENCE IMPORTANT, Shop Location: Laxmi Road, Pune.

Attractive salary up to 15000 Rs + incentives of 2 to 10 thousand. Please call 97845XXXXX (put your actual number) or click here to whatsapp”

In this ad clicking is very easy and so ppl can whatsapp you and cal you easily.

Very IMPORTANT Always mention the highest salary you will offer to the candidates, this will increase the number of walk-ins and you can attract more and more candidates.

E.g.: Salary up to 15000/- instead of putting like salary more than Rs 10,000. Once you have selected the candidate then you can explain and negotiate on his final pay depending on whether he deserves Rs 10,000 or 12,000 or 15,000 or even more.

You can also go with part- timers (part-time working hours), here you can target the college going students who can work in 2nd half during the peak hours when maximum customers visit your shop. The benefit is that you have to pay them less and do not have to pay them for morning hours when customers are less, and only tea parties are happening at 11am and 2pm, so you even save on your tea bill 🙂

Sometimes you also get young people with good communication and selling skills- who are doing this to support their studies.

We will post more articles on once you have hired, how to retain and motivate and what could be good incentive policies. Please comment and like us for more such interesting articles.

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