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Which is better to choose from: COURIER SERVICE or LOCAL TRANSPORT?


COURIER SERVICE or LOCAL TRANSPORT- In today’s time, everyone is looking towards ways through which they can increase operational efficiency. Choosing the right courier for delivering products is a very important part of operations. In many cases, people generally think that choosing a local transporter saves a lot of costs which is a myth. Let’s understand this from this ideal scenario.

Mr. Ram who runs a wholesale business in Pune visits Surat twice a month to purchase goods for his business, which in turn leads to incurring a lot of costs and time-traveling cost, staying cost and other necessary costs. He might be purchasing goods from his reliable vendor for a long time and transporting goods from Surat to Pune via unorganized cargo services considering that it is cheaper and a faster way of transporting but ends up paying more – such as pick up and drop off cost to transporter office (Rs 200- 250), transportation cost (Rs 200 per box) and once goods reach Pune, delivery cost (Rs 100- 150). If we sum up the costs, it costs somewhere around Rs 600.

Now if he sends it through Courier he would not have to visit Surat as he is getting goods from his reliable seller; also keeping view of all the costs above, it might cost him the same sending through courier as well.

One thing which I would really like to mention is the safety and security which comes along with courier services achieved through the transfer of risks and liabilities to the courier company through the insurance clause, which he would not get from the transporters.

Below is the live example where a client loses stock of 20 lacs in transit:

 Using Shri Sh*** (a Transporter) for many years but last month the client lost shipment of worth 22 lacs which they had sent to Bangalore. As the transporter didn’t have any insurance policy he wasn’t able to pay anything to the client incurring a huge loss.

Courier services are, therefore, important to businesses. Hiring professionals goes a long way in saving your time, money and the hustle of managing your deliveries. Hope the answer is clear to which is better COURIER SERVICE or LOCAL TRANSPORT.

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