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How to earn money by simply downloading WholesaleBox mobile app

WholesaleBox provides you an amazing feature which helps you to sell products online and earn money without spending a single rupee. You can simply download WholesaleBox mobile application, set up an account and then set your margin. Finally, choose the products and start selling by sharing product templates.
The WholesaleBox app not only helps users to buy products anywhere on their mobiles with the user-friendly interface but also provides other facilities like this.
Here you will learn how you can create your own application by set your own margin price for your customers on Wholesalebox products and you will also learn how to create your own templates in the app.

What is the margin price?

The margin price is the difference between the selling price and cost price. This feature allows you to get more profit margins on products with different costs.

Step1: How to Create a Wholesalebox User Account

First, you need to create a Wholesalebox User account, if you don’t already have one. You can create one on this page here.
The first question you’re asked is,” Enter your mobile number or Email”. You can either register with the mobile number or with the E-mail.

Next, you must verify your identity through the OTP which has been sent to your given mobile number or E-mail Id.

Once you verify your identity, you’ll be asked to select your business type. Here, there are four types of business.

If you make products and want to sell, then you can select your type as Manufacturer and if you are a wholesaler then select your type as Wholesaler. Those who owns or runs a shop then Shopkeeper is your business type. You can select your business type as Online Seller/ Reseller if you want to be a drop shipper.
Here I have selected my business type as Shopkeeper.
Next, you are prompted to the profile page. You need to set up your profile by providing your Contact name, Shop name and address, and most important Password of your account.

Your account is now created! Now, you are directed to the home screen which consists of all the categories.

Step2: How to set your store margin

Once you have your account, can now set your own margin price for the products.
For this, go to Settings and tap on Set your Store Margin. If you want 80% Mark up price for a Rs. 100 item, then enter 80 in the given text box and click Update. This will increase the price of every product in your application by 80%. This way you can set your own price of each product for your customers.


Step3: How to set your own WhatsApp template

The app has predefined tags which help you to set many template combinations according to your choice.
For this, go to Settings and tap on Whatsapp Image Sharing Template option.


Here you will find some in-built templates along with the preview. For setting your own template, you will have click on Create New Template button at the end of the page.

Here you have to enter a unique name for your template. Choose tags from bottom to create your own style template. Don’t forget to click on right button at the top to save your newly created template in the end.

Step4: How to select your items

Now, it is time to select the items which think your customer would like them. For this, go to home screen and select the category. Here I am choosing category Kurtis.


Here you can see a huge collection of different types and styles of Kurtis along with price set by Wholesalebox. You can shortlist your Kurtis by clicking on the item and press the heart shaped button at the top.

Isn’t that simple? Repeat the process for short listing more items in the various categories.

Step5: How to send the pictures of selected items on Whatsapp

By now, you have explored all the items in each category and have chosen the best items for your customers. It is time to send the pictures of the selected items for your customers’ approval. For this, go to home page and tap on the heart shaped button. Here you will find all your selected items.

Long press on each item for selection and tap on Whatsapp icon at the top. This will direct you to Share Preview page.
You must be wondering where your margin price and template are that you have set in the beginning. You can see your designed template along with your margin price at the bottom of each image on this page.

Now tap on right button at the top. This will lead you to your Whatsapp broadcast list. Also watch the video for the same now:

What to Do Next
Congratulations! Hopefully, you’ve started getting orders on your items that you have sent. Also read: How to start a readymade garment business?
If you have any questions or comments I would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

Rs. 1,030 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Size: 38, 40, 42, 44, 46
Rs. 1,065 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; Different Color
Rs. 567 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Rs. 673 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; 1 each of Size: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
Rs. 1,061 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces: 1 each of Size: 38, 40, 42, 44
Rs. 1,139 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; 1 each of Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Rs. 707 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Size: 48, 50, 52, 54
Rs. 1,030 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; 1 each of Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Rs. 570 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Rs. 652 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; 1 each of Sizes; 38,40,42,44
Rs. 985 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; 1 each of Sizes: 38,40,42,44,46
Rs. 1,087 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; 1 each of Size: M, L, XL, XXL,3XL
Business Tips Knowledge Based Blogs Manufacturers Online Wholesalers Retailers Wholesale Clothing

How online Wholesalers are important for manufacturers?

The wholesale market is itself a very big market of this world and has huge potential to grow in future. These days the selling method of manufacturers is changed and shifted more towards online wholesalers. The online wholesalers bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers by providing goods to retailers on wholesale price. The reason for this drift is the manufacturers’ supply chains of these offline stores are very complicated and they are finding it difficult to sell through them. To get more profitable business manufacturers are moving towards the more authenticated market of online wholesalers. This also makes the process simplified and systematic with a good relationship with manufacturer and retailer. Some the reasons which make the online wholesalers a boon for clothing manufacturers are:

1. More Profitable market:

Online wholesale selling provides a relief by removing the need for the middle person and the markup fees of the third party person. This will give the manufacturer an opportunity through which he can sell the products at his own price. Usually, the manufacturers prefer to sell goods in bulk to retailers, so even retailers don’t prefer to buy from manufacturers. The online wholesalers display all the items on the website and thus makes the process easier for retailers. This will, of course, led to good sales and make selling more profitable.

2. More of branding without additional cost:

As the online wholesalers display manufacturers products online which is promotional for your brand. Online availability itself adds authenticity to your business. The manufacturers’ goods are re-branded under the name of the wholesaler’s umbrella that too without paying a single penny. The wholesaler does a lot of promotional activities to sell it to retailers and is profitable for manufacturers.

3. Updated with industry knowledge:

A positive competition is necessary for your future betterment and online wholesalers provide you a platform for that. As there will be numerous products with different brand names available online along with the products so you check out the information associated with other products including your competitors. You can compare your fabrics, price and improve yourself accordingly.

4. Opportunity to expand:

The market is restricted to limited wholesalers and distributors for manufacturers and with online wholesalers, their reach becomes the whole world. Also, as per the demand of different people, you can diversify in products and expand in other regions too. Also, wholesalers buy your products so it is more secure to launch your new products.

5. Money Making:

If a business is done properly, it becomes more revenue generating and with online wholesalers you can have a huge size of networking to sell your goods. Once you reach a good height it, of course, generates more credibility and authority. One can easily negotiate for the rates when you become a brand and apply tricks for more sale.

Here discussed some of the best tangible profits being a manufacturer for the online wholesale store, but it all requires hard work, passion, good fabric and of course a supporting online wholesaler like Wholesalebox. If you want to sell as a manufacturer or buy as a retailer then comment in the text box given below!