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A complete guide about cotton fabric: Cotton 40-40, cotton 60-40 & cotton 60-60

What is Cotton Fabric?

Nature has given cotton qualities that make it’s a smoother, softer and more comfortable choice.  Among all fabrics, Cotton is the most widely used fabric. Cotton Fabrics is best used in summers because of its light weight and it is very comfortable (stay cool in summer with cotton clothes). Cotton is Hypoallergenic. This Fabric is cheaper as compared to other fabrics.

There are 3 types of cotton to talk about for:-

  • Cotton 60-60
  • Cotton 40-40
  • Cotton 60-40

Cotton 60-60

To meet ladies apparel needs in a satisfactory manner, there is  60 – 60 Cotton Fabric that is used to make attractive outfits. The entire range is fabricated by using latest knitting technology and quality tested threads.

Yarns are classified by number. The higher the number or count, the lighter or finer the yarn. Cotton 60-60 is ideal for piecing complicated  blocks.

This is very soft fabric in all the types. Elegant designs can be tried with this fabric. “Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.”  Cotton 60 – 60  is good in quality as compared to cotton 40-40 and cotton 60-40. Higher counts are difficult to make, so higher the counts goes, the price will increase. So, we can say it is the lightest and the most expensive type of fabric.  It is cost effective, light weight fabric. Wholesalebox provides you the best fabrics and you can save up to 25%-35% on bulk order.

Cotton 40-40

Cotton is stronger when it is wet. Cotton 40-40 is the heaviest. The weight of 40s count yarn is 1.5 times that of a yarn of 60s count. This is cheaper than both cotton 60-60 and cotton 60-40. Durability of clothes is a major issue and cotton 40-40 is the most durable fabric among all. 40 weight cotton thread is ideal for machine quilting where you want the quilting to be prominent. Cotton 40-40 has soothing texture. This fabric is easy to maintain and can be washed easily. This Fabric is best used for making high quality shirts and wearing these shirts will definitely enhance your looks.  Clothes made from this fabric are perfect in finishing.

Cotton 60-40

Start working with cotton 60-40 fabric because it’s easy to work with , to wash, to take care of, to wear if it’s warm or cold. It is the combination of both cotton 60-60 & cotton 40-40, hence it has qualities of both. It is commonly used for both piecing and quilting.

Cotton 60-40 is not that expensive and still holds good quality. It is best used for making women clothes like dresses and Kurtis. Extremely durable, clothes made out of cotton 60/40 fabric have been known to last a lifetime. Apparel made today with cotton 60-40 fabric is usually treated with a DWR finish to help with water repellent and can be continually retreated over the life of the garment. Clothes made from this fabric have fine finishing. Cotton 60-40 is skin friendly and has great texture.

Comparing these 3 types of cotton fabric is not easy. All three are very efficient and cost effective. Overall, we can conclude that cotton 60-60 is more expensive, cotton 40-40 is heaviest, but all three are best in their use. Checkout fabrics on wholesalebox at lowest price.