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A complete guide to learn how to buy Moti work Sarees

Moti work sarees designs and patterns are done and embroidered by the Moti (Pearls). These pearls are designed on the borders of the sarees. These types of sarees are famous among the ladies. These types of sarees are mainly worn in the weddings to look attractive and charming. The Moti work can be done on any type of saree like plain saree, printed saree, georgette or any other else. This moti work can be done on any type of fabrics mainly on cotton, silk, and chiffon.
Moti Work sarees basically have some pretty decent work with pearls and define work with some great perfection by the merchants and they are specifically designed for your glorious look. This sarees look beautiful and shine with the help of pearls (Moti). This moti work saree is the latest fashion and trending day by day. Most of the women want these types of saree in different designs and patterns; So to come up with the ladies demand artists made many of the designs and patterns of sarees and all the designs are available online in many patterns.

Rs. 821 / Piece
1 Set = 1 Pieces; Black
Rs. 1,041 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; Different Color
Rs. 248 / Piece
1 Set = 8 Pieces; Different Color/Design
Rs. 518 / Piece
1 Set = 10 Pieces; Different Color / Design
Rs. 374 / Piece
1 Set = 36 Pieces; Assorted Color/Design
Rs. 827 / Piece
1 Set = 6 Pieces; Different Color/Design
Rs. 82 / Piece
1 Set = 10 Pieces; Different Color/ Design
Rs. 846 / Piece
1 Set = 8 Pieces; Different Color

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