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A Complete guide about tapestry

Tapestry is a form of textile art or a cloth with different designs, traditionally woven on a vertical loom (a device used to weave cloth and tapestry). Tapestry is textile weaving, in which all the enfolded threads are hidden in the full or completed work, unlike cloth weaving where both the enfolded and the textile threads may be revealed. In tapestry sowing, textiles yarns are typically discrete; the artisan interlaces each color of textile back. It is a plain textile-faced weave having textile threads of different colors worked over portions of the warp to form the different designs.

These beautiful tapestry/Indian ethnic wall hanging are made of pure cotton fabric. The tapestries are mainly made in Jaipur only. These Ethnic Jaipuri Tapestries are absolutely handmade. This wall art can be used multi-purposefully. This wall hanging gives a regal touch to your home with this patch and embroidery work. Most weavers use a natural warp thread, such as linen or cotton to make the tapestry smooth and with finite look. The textile threads are usually wool or cotton, but may include silk, gold, silver, or any other alternatives. Highlighting the fine and complex detailing, the tapestry will look beautiful vintage art and surprises to whom you will gift it. This designer wall hanging definitely is an exclusive choice for your home decor. We offer these in a variety of color combinations, designs, sizes and other specifications in the market.  Don’t miss this fabulous wall tapestry.

Rs. 307 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Piece; Assorted Color/Design
Rs. 344 / Piece
1 Set = 4 Pieces; Assorted Color/Design
Rs. 251 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; Same Design / Color
Rs. 317 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; Each of Same Design / Color
Rs. 599 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; Different Color / Design