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Read complete information about Blanket, Quilts & Dohars

Blanket, Quilts & Dohars are a kind of bedding used to keep the user warm with a large piece of woven cloth. Cotton is especially good if you have a sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. Quilts can be found in many different designs and the most popular quilt is patchwork quilts in many cultures across the world. These bedding items feature a padding of cotton, down or feathers, stitched between layers of fabric. Dohars are lightweight and airy cotton quilts are ideal for Indian summers.

Dohars are also ideal for mostly using in air-conditioned rooms. Nowadays, you get blankets in a variety of designs and colors that not only keep you warm and toasty but also help in enhancing your bedroom decor. The blankets and quilts are available in various types of fabric such as polyester, cotton and the very popular mink. You can choose a mink blanket that is very much in demand these days for its soft texture and lightweight. You can opt for the Jaipuri quilts crafted from cotton, silk or fiber or even choose a silk razai. There is a huge collection of Blankets, Quilts, Dohars online with the different designs of bed covers matching with the blankets looks nice if both of same designs.

Rs. 552 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; Assorted Color
Rs. 307 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Piece; Assorted Color/Design
Rs. 251 / Piece
1 Set = 5 Pieces; Same Design / Color
Rs. 317 / Piece
1 Set = 3 Pieces; Each of Same Design / Color

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