What is Dropshipping?

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Dropshipping is a practice of selling a product to your customers that you don’t have physically in stock. It’s a new trend of marketing and distribution of products. We can make this possible by shipping the stock directly to your customer with your name.


Benefits of Dropshipping

  • Do not have to source products in bulk before you sell anything.
  • Not facing the risk of having dead stock.
  • No need of inventory management or maintaining your own warehouse.
  • Get low wholesale prices even on small quantities.
  • You can start your business without any need for start-up capital.
  • Wholesalebox.in will be managing the stock for you.
  • Everything in stock that we list online. Only once you get an order, you pay us for shipping it out.
  • You don't have to pick, pack, and ship orders as we will do that.
  • You can completely focus on your sales and just communicate the sales to us.
  • Best part is, the whole transaction is completely anonymous.
  • Customer wouldn’t know that it came from us!

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If you want to know anything else, please drop us an e-mail at info@wholesalebox.in or call on 9738144444

Dropshipper FAQ

1. How to become a drop shipper with the WholesaleBox or detailed procedure to start with dropshipping?
Dropshipping with WholesaleBox is very easy. The Dropshipper simply has to register at Wholesalebox.in with some contact details. If they have a website then send an e-mail at info@wholesalebox.in. Once you are done with any of these steps, then we will activate your drop shipper account. In case you want to us to provide you Product .csv file or feed or API's, then we will check your business, sales, and traffic, etc. on your website and if you fulfill all the requirements then we will activate your account for Dropshipping.
2. What are requirements in case I want WholesaleBox Product .csv file or feed or API's?
We only provide our product feed, if certain criteria are fulfilled:
1. Your e-commerce store should be active for at least a year.
2. We would require the monthly sales and monthly traffic on your website.
3. Your website URL.
To place a single order, you can use the singles store section of our website. If you select pieces from a Wholesale set store, we will not be able to break sets.
Once you get an order on your website, you have to manually place that order on WholesaleBox website and use the 'shipping address' section to mention the details of your customer.
3. Who can be a drop shipper at WholesaleBox?
Anyone who sells products and has a clientele can be a drop shipper with us whether he is a Whatsapp seller, Home-based seller, or online retailer on other eCommerce portals can be a Dropshipper at Wholesalebox.in
4. How much time does it take to activate the account of drop shippers?
Mostly it takes maximum 24 Hours to activate your drop shipping account, but sometimes it may take more time.
5. Is there any minimum amount or a fixed amount for drop shippers to purchase Wholesale products from your website?
No, there are no minimum or maximum amount requirements, you can drop products for any amount.
6. What type of shipping do you provide and procedure for same?
We offer only air courier for Drop-shipping and it charges as per the volumetric dimensions of the product.
7. Is there any charge for drop shipping or it is free of cost?
No, we don't charge a single penny from Dropshipper.
8. Can I buy in a single set or I need to buy the full sets?
You can buy any of the two, but you have to buy single-Piece from a single store and a full set from wholesale-Set Store. Also make sure to place an order from the singles store, if you want to drop ship single piece because if you select pieces from a Wholesale set store, we will not be able to break sets.
9. What will be return and replacement policy for drop shipping?
No return policy is there, only Replacement option and in that case, either customer or drop shipper will pay one side courier charge.
10. What if a customer receives some defective products? Whom should he complain about the product? ? Can he return directly to WholesaleBox or he has to return to the drop shipper?
Of course, he will complain to your Drop-shipper because for customer WholesaleBox is nowhere in the delivery & purchase process and afterward, Drop-shipper will be complaining to us about the Return. In such cases, all the shipping charges will be paid either by the Dropshipper or customer only.
11. Who will in charge the fulfillment processes like who will do the shipping and what about invoicing for cases like return? Who is going to bear shipping charges?
In drop-shipping case, WholesaleBox needs to collect full payment before the product is dispatched. It completely depends on Dropshipper who will Bear the shipping charge either Dropshipper or Buyer.
12. How to use App as a drop shipper?
Once you register on WholesaleBox app as a drop shipper, in some time we will activate your account. Then you have to select online seller option on an app and finally, you can place an order.